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Loot Crate October 2016 – ‘HORROR’ Unboxing

Freddy Kreuger Chopsticks (Icup)


It’s hard not to like novelty chopsticks– I’ve amassed a decent collection of Kotobukiya’s awesome lightsaber chopsticks over the years– but the Freddy chopsticks from Icup are some of the most clever I’ve seen.  The sticks in this case are silver plated metal, connected at the base via a silicone hand sculpted to look like Freddy’s iconic glove.  The index and middle fingers are extended, connecting to the chopstick blades, while Kreuger’s other digits are wrapped up in a fist.  Not only does this design keep the sticks together, the soft rubber-like material of the hand allows a nice range of motion to actually use these chopsticks effectively.

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