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Loot Crate September 2016 – ‘SPEED’ Unboxing

Hoodies ARROW Hood Ornament Figure (By George!)


This is one of the neatest concepts– though, ultimately, most disappointing pieces– in this month’s Crate.  By George! has created a few plastic, hood ornament style statues based on The CW’s Flash and Arrow shows.  In keeping with the concept, each roughly 5″ piece is chrome plated and features a very nice sculpt of the respective television hero (this month’s Crates were split 50/ 50 on whether you get Green Arrow or The Flash)… but my one problem is, neither serves as a true hood ornament, since the box recommends you not put this little sucker on your actual car if you plan to drive at speeds above 70 MPH. I like the novel attachment approach, as the figurines are held in place via magnets in their base, which can attach to most car hood with no damage or abrasion, but if you’re gonna offer me a SPEED-themed Flash or Arrow hood ornament, I expect said ornament will hold up to fast driving.

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