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Loot Crate September 2016 – ‘SPEED’ Unboxing

Battlestar Galactica Scar Vinyl Figure (Titan Merchandise)


So, we had a little mishap out of the gate with the SPEED Crate, but thankfully, things turn around quickly with the “Scar” vinyl figure from Titan.  This company has been making blind boxed designer figures for years now, but one of their latest acquisitions is Battlestar Galactica, and they chose one of my favorite (pseudo) characters to serve as a preview for this collection.

Scar is notorious as the fastest Raider in the Cylon fleet, despite the battle damage he sports from more than one combat scenario with the Colonial Fleet.  While this Raider only made one appearance in the reboot series, I have to admit he’s stuck with me for damn near a decade at this point, and I’m happy to add a toy version of him to my collection.

While it’s tough to compare the sculpt of this figure to his human (-ish?) counterparts, Scar is definitely not in scale… but does feature a similar, cartoony style which works very well for this piece.  Despite the stylized appearance of the figure, the main shape and aesthetics of Scar’s on-screen design are clearly present, as are the battle damage marks which inspired his name.  I’m happy that Titan also included a stand for this figure, which allows him to be displayed in-flight, as any self-respecting Cylon Raider should be.

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