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Loot Crate September 2016 – ‘SPEED’ Unboxing

Batwing Keychain (QMx)


The Quantum Mechanix/ Loot Crate collaboration continues, but in a new direction.  As opposed to a Q-Fig, this month’s Crate pays homage to Tim Burton’s 1992 classic Batman Returns, with a die cast Batwing in the form of a keychain.  The level of detail on this sculpt is great– it looks just like the aerial vehicle piloted by Michael Keaton in the film– and the keyring is solid silver plated metal, as you’d expect for a keychain.

The whole piece only measures about 2.5″ minus the chain, so it’s pretty small… but the amount of film accuracy QMx has packed into the details of this sculpt are pretty remarkable.

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