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Loot Crate September 2016 – ‘SPEED’ Unboxing



This month’s Loot Pin is an illustration of a burning tire in mid-acceleration, which is a fun addition to the 2016 pin collection.  And this installment is extra-important, as it deviates from the typical video game-themed download trend to offer a digital comic book incentive, which we’ll delve into next….

Velocity Digital Comics Collection (Image Comics & comiXology)


Most Loot Crate pins include a PIN which will deliver downloadable video game content, but SPEED bucks that trend, instead offering a multi-issue comic book download of the new series starring Top Cow’s Velocity.  The character was created by Marc Silvestri during the first wave of Image Comics back in the early 90s, but Loot Crate is now offering a download for five of the most recent issues of her solo comic adventures in the SPEED Crate.  Even unread, I can attest that the offer of, ostensibly, one complete Trade Paperback of a current comic title is a welcome addition to Loot Crate’s repetoir.


Month after month, Loot Crate has also invested more thought and fun into their box designs, and SPEED kicks things up once again.  The iconic black Crate can be flipped inside out to form a thematically appropriate jalopy… but here’s the fun part– the interior of this box has been randomly mailed in one of three variant colors, red, blue, or green.  So the 50’s cruiser within the Crate can be assigned to one of three potential teams.

Loot Crate is hyping this face-off, by encouraging each recipient to take a picture of their crate and share it on social media using the hashtag #SpeedBlue, #SpeedRed, or #SpeedGreen.  Typically, I wouldn’t become involved in any such social media clash… but since I found out I’m Team #SpeedGreen, I feel I should do at least something to encourage all of you reading this to join my cause.  So there you go– vote #SpeedGreen FTW.

Thanks to Loot Crate for giving us the opportunity to unbox the SPEED crate. You can sign up for Loot Crate by clicking HERE!

*If you DO, and can provide a compelling argument, let me know!  You might just win a fabulous Loot Crate prize, for your rationalization.

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