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The End of the DC Universe: DC Universe Classic Wave 20 Review

The final retail wave of DCUC offers fans two of the most requested villains in the DC Universe, and it’s well worth the effort of tracking them down.

When this line started there was no doubt that heroes would be matched up with their most famous villains, but as the line progressed fans were worried we would never see Professor Zoom in the line. Rumor has it that he was supposed to be part of a wave that would have brought Wally West into the DCUC line, but because of line up changes and current story lines, that pairing never happened. Fans are now able to get one of the most recognizable villains in the Scarlet Speedster’s rogues gallery, and with an accessory to boot. The lightning staff he comes with is a new addition to the Reverse Flash’s arsenal, originally thought to have been dropped like Nekron’s scythe, but included in the final version of the figure. The line has seen a decreasing amount of accessories, so a figure appropriate accessory that the figure can actually hold is a welcome addition.

The figure is not without fault, it is after all a Mattel toy. Both issues are purely asthetic. The red is not consistent throughout the figure, changing from a glossing bright red to a muted deep red. It is not enough to warrant passing on the figure, but long term fading may only highlight the issue. The other issue is height.  When looking at the figure I expected this to be a repainted Barry Allen Flash with a new head sculpt but it’s not. In the comics Barry is taller than Zoom, but in this case the situation is reversed, making Zoom the taller of the two. Again it is not a huge issue, but in the last wave could we at least get a villain the correct height compared to his hero?

Speaking of correct height, the other villain in the wave is Sinestro in his Sinestro corps uniform. This is the figure that should have been in wave 3 with Hal Jordan. When we asked Mattel about the issue 3 years ago this is the response we got.

Now this figure is part of the final wave, with corrected height at a much higher price point. The question that keeps coming up is, if he was correct according to the line’s brand manager 3 years ago then why is this a corrected version?  It is times like these that I don’t blame people who swap out figures. I don’t think you should substitute a figure just to get something free but in this case we were sold a defective item and now that it is corrected we have to pay for that replacement. There is something wrong with that.

The figure itself is without fault this time. Correct height, well painted and he comes with a yellow lantern.

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