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SDCC 2015: Thundercats Are On the Loose!!

Thundercats SDCC 2015 Kastor's KornerFinally the Four Horsemen have Thundercats, and the figures look amazing.

After almost a decade of waiting the famous sculptors from New Jersey have gotten their hands on the classic toy line. I have always thought of the Cats as slender, so seeing them on the MOTU bucks was an adjustment, but knowing that there is a new team behind the scenes at Mattel makes it much easier to put up with the minor bumps that are sure to come. Speaking of the bump for now Digital River is still handling things, but for me it will be worth it to get the Cats.

The line will kick off with the Lord of the Thundercats Lion-o followed by one of the mutants, Jackelman. The sub exclusive for the first year will be mummy form of Mumm-Ra. Unlike the 80’s version he will have two capes allowing him to pose ready to become the monster form and his feeble form.

There were accessories galore in the case with the first two figures. Lion-o has both versions of the Sword of Omens, and alternate hand with claw shield, and Jackelman has an axe and club. The figures themselves are just amazing in person, capturing the look of the old figures with all the modern articulation. What is also great about this line and new Mattel Brand team is the enthusiasm and honestly. They have made a Castle Grayskull and working on Snake Mountain, so it is in the realm of possibilities that we could see a Cat’s Lair and Castle Plunder or Mumm-Ra’s Tomb if the line does well. For me the fact that the tee-shirts are sill selling at major retailers show there is a consumer base, so everything thing seems possible.The line will roll out soon and with fan support this line could go deep like MOTU Classics.

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