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TOY KORNER: NECA’s Newest DC Surprises


For the third year in a row, NECA dropped some great new 7″ DC action figures at Toys R Us stores. Check them out!

NECA has been killing it with their action figures in 2016, but even more exciting is their focus on bringing fun and surprise back to toy collecting. While so many releases are announced, revealed, and displayed months (even years) in advance through social media and at conventions, NECA has kept a few projects under wraps until their release, bringing back a genuine sense of ‘I didn’t even know that was a thing!’ wonder that’s been sorely missing from modern toy collecting.

The flagship line of NECA’s surprise releases is the 7″ DC collection. It started two years ago, with the limited edition Michael Keaton Batman. Last year added Heath Ledger’s Joker, Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and Adam West’s Batman to the mix.

And now, year three features Christian Bale’s Batman, from Batman Begins, as well as our first DC video game figure, Harley Quinn from Arkham City.  Read our full reviews of these awesome new figures below, and look for them at Toys R Us stores now.

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