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Spider-man Marvel Legends Bring Back Feelings Of Clones

The Villains:

This is where the wave really shines. The new bodies on the Spiders are a great addition, but filling out the villain roster is what every fan wants. The most iconic Spider-man villain is the Green Goblin, and there has been no shortage of him in the Legends line, but this might be one of the best versions to date. He shares some parts with the Hobgoblin, but the head sculpt elevates the figure. The early look of the character had a pinker color to the costume, which is nodded to in the shoulder bag, but the main costume is a deep purple. He comes with his glider and pumpkin bomb, and thankfully it is not just the translucent one we got with the last two Hobgoblins.

Joining the Goblin is another classic villain, the Shocker. From the set pictures he will be part of the new Spider-man film, and in a similar costume. Though this is not his original costume, it is close enough to be the definitive version in my collection. The costume details are flawless, and the winking eye just adds to the charm of the figure. The only think that felt out of place was the knee pads, they were the only part of the figure that did not have any detail work and could have used some scuffing up. They looked to clean when compared to the wrist gauntlets.

The final normal size villain in the wave is the Jackal. He might be an obscure villain for the general public, but important to Spider-man lore. He is behind the Clone Saga, and gave birth the Ben Riley, the Scarlet Spider. But not only did we get a new obscure villain, but also a whole new body, which by the looks of it could be an Avengers style Beast in the future.

We also have a whole set to give away so make sure to check the whole review for details!

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