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Spider-man Marvel Legends Bring Back Feelings Of Clones

The Inhuman:

One of the heroes that have captured the public’s attention over the past few years has been Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan. She has been an inspiration and an important step toward diversity in comics, and having her as part of the Legends line is a great step for action figures too. Like other females in the line she does have some limits in her articulation due to the costume and hair, but it does not impact the overall figure. She comes with extra hands to recreate her comic powers, but because of the smaller joints and pins make sure she is at room temp, so the pegs don’t break. The pins in the arms at the swap point are thin, so take care as you swap out parts. The colors and costume details for Ms. Marvel however are flawless, and like the rest of the wave are vivid and bright.

We also have a whole set to give away so make sure to check the whole review for details!

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