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TV Korner: Arrow 2.03- “Broken Dolls”

Arrow 203Can Oliver stop the Doll Maker before Laurel and Felicity become the next victims? And who is the new masked hero in down in skin tight leather.

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TV Korner: Arrow 2.02 “Identity”

Arrow 202Every superhero has to deal with their identity, but this week Oliver is not the only one having issues with duel identities.

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TV Korner: Arrow 2.01- “City of Heroes”

arrow 201Can Oliver bring the city back from destruction? And who are the other heroes running around the town?

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Comics Korner: Arrow Volume 1

Arrow Vol 1DC comics has released volume 1 of Arrow, and the comic is the perfect complement to TV show.

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Opener Sets Tone for Arrow’s Sophomore Season

City of heroes Arrow season2The title of episode one of season 2 of Arrow sets a whole new tone for the upcoming season. Titled “City of Heroes” hints that the Hood is not alone any more.

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Arrow Finds His Flash

Grant Gustin FlashOver the weekend the CW announced they have cast Grant Gustin in the role of Barry Allen, The Flash.

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The CW’s Arrow Hits the Mark On Both DVD & Bluray Today

ArrowAvailable today from Warner Home video is the complete first season of Arrow. Full of extras and extended episodes.

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Arrow’s DC Universe Connections Just Keep Growing

Amanda WallerOnce again Arrow is proving to be the keystone (pardon the pun) for the DC universe in the entertainment world. Many have been looking to the films like Man of Steel and its sequel, but the CW’s Arrow is creating a world that may rival Marvel’s movie universe. Yet another character has been announced to be joining the show, Amanda Waller.

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Arrow Gets A New Poster For Season 2

arrowThe new season of Arrow is just around the corner and the CW just released the newest poster for their hit show’s second season.

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The Flash Is Returning To The Small Screen

flash-featDoes this mean the scarlet speedster’s chances to join the cinematic Justice League have hit a road block? Or could this be Warner’s way of building the DC world of heroes?

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Check Out the First Image of TV’s Green Arrow

The CW has a pilot in the works based on DC’ Green Arrow, and the first image of the emerald archer has hit the net. The Nolan-y take on Ollie is out there, but does the seriousness of this image translate to the CW’s being serious about taking this show to full series?
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