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McFarlane’s Assassin’s Creed Carves Its Way To Toy Shelves!

Mcfarlane Assassins Creed Kastor's KornerCan Assassin’s Creed jump from the screen to toy shelves with success?

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Looking Back: Our Favorite Video Games of 2012

Looking back, 2012 was a great year for gaming.  Sure, it was home to the possibly the biggest disappointment of all time followed by the second biggest, but aside from that there was much fun to be had.  Let’s take a look back at the ten titles we enjoyed the most.

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PAX East 2012: Assassin’s Creed III

The sight of droves of PAX East attendees carrying around inflatable tomahawks could only mean one thing– Assassin’s Creed III had arrived. Ubisoft had an enormous black booth set up for the game with nothing on the outside but the crest of the Assassin Order and the roman numerals “III”. Inside the booth was a gameplay video that showed off many new aspects of the title that players can look forward to.  Even though it’s still a work in progress, the gameplay looked incredibly polished and it seems like Ubisoft Montreal are making some serious changes for the better.

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