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Power Rangers Legacy Red Ranger Helmet

Did you ever want one of those cool cosplay helmets you see at Comic Con? Well, Bandai America is helping that dream become reality.

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GO GO Power Rangers Legacy 2.0

power-rangers-legacyBandai gave the fans some awesome Power Ranger toys for the 20th Anniversary Legacy line. Now we have been treated yet again with a new take on the Legacy line.

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The Legendary Series Power Rangers Communicator is Here

mmpr FeatBandai has been keeping the power alive with all of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy items. The newest addition of the communicator watch is genius! Continue reading “The Legendary Series Power Rangers Communicator is Here” »

The Legacy Continues with the Falconzord

falconzord-featBandai’s newest addition to the Power Rangers Legacy series is the Falconzord.

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Diamond Comic Distributors Partner with Bandai America

bandai-logo-featBandai America announced that comic book distributor Diamond Comics will be their master distributor for all the import products. What does this mean for the current distributor Bluefin?

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