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Scramble City Chaos: Transformers Generations Menasor

TF-Stunticons-featThe Stunticons return to Hasbro’s Transformers generations collection, and they’re ready to join the Combiner Wars.

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IDW Presents ‘Transformers: Windblade’

Transformers WindbladeIn the aftermath of the Dark Cybertron story a powerful new chapter in the Transformers saga begins from IDW.

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Toy Fair 2014: Hasbro’s Transformers Toys & More

Toy Fair 14 Transformers Kastor's KornerThe “Age of Extinction” may be on us, but Hasbro proved there’s plenty of life left in Transformers.

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Comics Korner: IDW Weekly Picks 11/06/13

GB HorrordaysCan Rodimus find the legendary Knights of Cybertron while the Autobots pursue the scientist Jhiaxus and Shockwave enacts his plan eons in the making? And after their extra-dimensional adventures can the Ghostbusters get back into the groove and survive the busiest season of the year?

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GI Joe & Transformers Team Up For A Final Showdown

gijoe-tformers-featThe Autobots join the Comic Con exclusive GI Joe/ Transformers battle.

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