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Minimates Invade Walgreens

Diamond Select Toys are cranking out the Minimates in the Walgreens Exclusive line based on the Marvel animated world. Continue reading “Minimates Invade Walgreens” »

Doctor Strange Warps The Minds Of Minimate Collectors

Doctor Strange Minimates kick off 2017’s Minimate Mondays.
Continue reading “Doctor Strange Warps The Minds Of Minimate Collectors” »

Top 10 Toy Lines Of 2016

Old favorites and debuts alike, here are our picks for the best toy lines of 2016.

Continue reading “Top 10 Toy Lines Of 2016” »

Aliens Minimates APC Rolls Out


Diamond Select Toys adds the Armored Personnel Carrier to the Colonial Marines’ arsenal.

Continue reading “Aliens Minimates APC Rolls Out” »

Marvel Minimates Come From Netflix

The first two 4-packs of Marvel Netflix Minimates are in stores just in time for the Holidays. Daredevil and Jessica Jones are the perfect combination of figures and accessories. Continue reading “Marvel Minimates Come From Netflix” »

Minimate Monday: Secret Wars-Toys R Us Wave

sw-minimates-tru-kastors-kornerThe Secret Wars Minimates are still hanging around Toys R Us, and hit all the major names in the Marvel Universe.  Continue reading “Minimate Monday: Secret Wars-Toys R Us Wave” »

Marvel Animated Minimates Series 3 Revealed; Series 2.5 Now Available at Walgreens

dst-walgreensDiamond Select Toys is rolling out Series 2.5 of its Marvel Animated Minimates collection, the latest assortment of an exclusive mini-figure line now available only at Walgreens stores. That means it’s time to officially announce the next assortment in the line! Continue reading “Marvel Animated Minimates Series 3 Revealed; Series 2.5 Now Available at Walgreens” »

NYCC 2016: The Diamond Select Toy Panel

dst-nycc-featOn Sunday of this year’s New York Comic Con, Diamond Select Toys ran a panel spotlighting new and upcoming merchandise. While the panel covered most of DST’s existing properties, getting the most attention into 2017 are DST’s ever expanding line of Minimates. Continue reading “NYCC 2016: The Diamond Select Toy Panel” »

Minimate Monday: Secret Wars- Girl Power!

sw-minimates-kastors-kornerDigging through all our Minimates, we found one of the best recent waves; comic shop wave of the Secret Wars.  Continue reading “Minimate Monday: Secret Wars- Girl Power!” »

Minimates Mondays: Wolverine & Thunderbird

thunderbird-wolverine-minimates-kastors-kornerThe powerhouses of the team, Wolverine Thunderbird, headline this set with striking colors but no accessories.  Continue reading “Minimates Mondays: Wolverine & Thunderbird” »

Minimate Mondays- Colossus & Nightcrawler

colossus-nightcrawler-minimates-kastors-kornerOur second Minimate Monday gallery takes a look at the man of steel skin and the disappearing demon.  Continue reading “Minimate Mondays- Colossus & Nightcrawler” »

Minimate Mondays- Storm & Sunfire


Our first gallery today of the newest wave of X-men Minimates is Storm and Sunfire. The Lightning vs the Fire! Continue reading “Minimate Mondays- Storm & Sunfire” »

Get Lost In Space With Diamond Select Toys


Exclusive Lost in Space Vinimate Lands on Local Comic Shop Day! Continue reading “Get Lost In Space With Diamond Select Toys” »

Diamond Select Toys Minimates Expand Civil War Battle

Civil War Minimates Kastors KornerCivil War is coming to DVD soon, and just in time Diamond Select Toy just released its second wave of Minimates at Toys R US.  Continue reading “Diamond Select Toys Minimates Expand Civil War Battle” »

Minimates Battle-Daredevil Vs. Punisher

Diamond Select Toys Minimates Punisher and Daredevil-photos by KThe first of the Netflix heroes, Punisher & Daredevil, in Minimates form were the stars of the Diamond Select Toys booth at Comic Con. Continue reading “Minimates Battle-Daredevil Vs. Punisher” »