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Elysium Exists High Above The Rest

elysium-featNeill Blomkamp returns with another socially minded sci-fi film that hovers high above most summer blockbusters.

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Mondo Brings Elysium To Comic Con

elysium-mondo-featMondo reveals a gorgeous new poster based on the upcoming Neill Blomkamp sci-fi thriller, and a variant is going on sale this Sunday only at Comic Con.

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Get A Better Look At Elysium In New Trailer

elysium-damon-featGet a new look at the plot– and the world– of Elysium in this new trailer.

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Elysium Gets A Great First Trailer

elysium-featThis might be the coolest looking socially conscious sci-fi movie by Neill Blomkamp since the last socially conscious sci-fi movie by Neill Blomkamp.

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SDCC 2012- Elysium Press Conference

From the creator of District 9, the future world of Elysium is bleak and in some ways resembles what many think today’s world is moving towards. On the panel, actors Jodi Foster, Matt Damon, and Sharlto Copley were joined by writer/ director Neill Blomkamp.

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