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Kornercast Podcast #58 SDCC Transformers Interview with John Warden

There is no doubt the biggest thing at SDCC was the new Haslab project, Unicron, but there was a lot more to see and talk about with John Warden in the Transformers section of the the Hasbro Booth.  Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #58 SDCC Transformers Interview with John Warden” »

Kornercast Podcast #48 Mike Joins Us To Talk Star Wars

The Kornercast PodcastMike and Kelly went to Star Wars Celebration this year, and Mike came over to talk all about it on this week’s Podcast. Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #48 Mike Joins Us To Talk Star Wars” »

Kornercast Podcast #47 After Endgame

The Kornercast PodcastThis is a true SPOILER podcast for Avengers Endgame so once you hit play beware. Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #47 After Endgame” »

Kornercast Podcast # 46 Pre Avengers Endgame

The Kornercast Podcast

We are in the Endgame, with only a few hours left I decided to do a solo podcast.  Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast # 46 Pre Avengers Endgame” »

Kornercast Podcast #45 Introducing Jay

The Kornercast PodcastI took Jay to NYCC to meet Captain Kirk and he is rebuilding a 70’s VW Bug… What more can I say? Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #45 Introducing Jay” »

Kornercast Podcast #44 Jr Talks Wrestlemania

The Kornercast PodcastWe finally got Jr to sit down and talk on the Kornercast Podcast! Continue reading “Kornercast Podcast #44 Jr Talks Wrestlemania” »