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LEGO Is Ready For The Last Jedi

Force Friday was full of new Star Wars toys, and LEGO was part of the big event this weekend. There were many sets based on the new movie but the buildable figures were the only to make it home with me.  Continue reading “LEGO Is Ready For The Last Jedi” »

Lots Of LEGO To Look For At Comic-Con

LEGO Systems Builds Star-Studded Activities and Excitement for The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Continue reading “Lots Of LEGO To Look For At Comic-Con” »


Epic movie setting, story and cast inspire a world of building opportunity.

Continue reading “LEGO Reveals THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE Sets” »

LEGO Reveals 2018 DC Superheroes Sets

Right before SDCC LEGO has revealed sets including Cheetah, Lobo, and Reverse Flash! Continue reading “LEGO Reveals 2018 DC Superheroes Sets” »

Mini-Monday: Off To The LEGO Jungle

LEGO expands past the City to the Jungle with the new theme, full of big cats and adventure bound minifigures.  Continue reading “Mini-Monday: Off To The LEGO Jungle” »

Mini-Monday- Dressing In Style With Lego Batman

How do you get collectors to keep getting more versions of Lego Batman? Put them in alternate looks from the film, ensuring collectors would want a complete collection of Bat-suits. Continue reading “Mini-Monday- Dressing In Style With Lego Batman” »

Mini-Monday: Scarecrow Is Ready For A Fearful Showdown

The smallest new Lego Batman Movie set pits the Scarecrow and his mini-copter against Batman.  Continue reading “Mini-Monday: Scarecrow Is Ready For A Fearful Showdown” »

Mini-Monday: Spider-Man Homecoming- The Lego Sets

We are just a little over a month away from Spider-man: Homecoming, and the LEGO sets give us a brief glimpse into the film.  Continue reading “Mini-Monday: Spider-Man Homecoming- The Lego Sets” »

LEGO Releases The Bounty Hunters

LEGO is making it harder to be a Han Solo, with the release of the new bounty hunter Battle Pack. Continue reading “LEGO Releases The Bounty Hunters” »

The A-Wing Is Ready For The Battle

Lego has put out a few A-Wing fighters in the past but this one might be the best version of the classic Star Wars design.  Continue reading “The A-Wing Is Ready For The Battle” »