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The Last Marvel 3.75 of the Year

MU 2015 Kastors KornerThe new Marvel Univer….Infin…Lege… Nevermind. Check out my new Marvel toys. Continue reading “The Last Marvel 3.75 of the Year” »

Hasbro’s Ant-Man Astonishes Comic-Con

ant-man-sdcc-featOne size does NOT fit all with Hasbro’s Ant-Man box set.

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Toy Fair 2015: Hasbro – Marvel

hasbro-marvel-feat2015 was Marvel’s year to shine at Hasbro’s Toy Fair presentation.

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Hasbro Goes Cosmic With Marvel Universe

MU-Infinity-Gauntlet-featThanos gets a family reunion in Hasbro’s Comic Con exclusive Marvel Infinite box set.

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Hasbro’s Infinity Gauntlet: The Coolest SDCC Exclusive Ever

infinity-gauntlet-featThe wearable Infinity Gauntlet will be the “gem” of any collection.

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