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The Horde Gets a New Member, Octavia


One thing our June figure Octavia has over the other prior releases this year is the sheer amount of accessories she packs. She feels like a $25 figure (and even a $27 figure) for day of sale purchasers. I have always been a fan of action figures that come with a lot of accessories, including four swords four tentacles, and a crossbow. As a female figure of a Horde enemy that never saw a toy, as well as the fantastic design by the Four Horsemen, she is an action figure that should appeal to hardcore collectors and casual fans alike. The question is whether or not she is greater than the sum of her parts. The answer is yes and no.

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Ask Mattel 11/1/2012: What’s Up With Flight Stands, DC Weapons Paks & More

Mattel gives us a re-Halloween treat… a new round of answers, five days early!  This time around, Matty explains why Octavia’s tentacles won’t be bendy, and update on the upcoming new flight stands, and the chances we’ll see Weapons Paks for DC Universe and WWE. Read on for all the answers…

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Thoughts On Mattel’s Reveals At Power Con

Power Con had a menagerie of new characters. Unfortunately, not being there gives one a perspective not found with the in-crowd seeing each new discovery with rose-colored glasses. I do enjoy the Masters of the Universe line as a whole, but I have come to the realization that the toys will never come out the way the Four Horsemen had intended. While I do love what was revealed, I do have some initial misgivings on the reveals– I will say it is not love at first sight, but rather cautious optimism.

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