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Batman-The Telltale Series Chapter 2: Children of Arkham

BatmanBar fights, detective work, mythos galore, and did I mention detective work? Chapter 2 hits the ground running and does not disappoint. Continue reading “Batman-The Telltale Series Chapter 2: Children of Arkham” »

NYCC 2016: On The Floor With NECA

neca-nycc-featNew Predators! New Aliens! And lots more on display from NECA at New York Comic Con.

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Gotham Season 1: Bluray Review

gotham 1st season bannerIn a world where studios are making shared universes with their products Gotham came across to most as too much too fast.

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Mattel’s DC Multiverse Penguin is Great

DC-Multibverse-Penguin-featThere isn’t much to squawk about with the DC Multiverse DeVito Penguin.

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Gotham Promotes Some Characters

With the announcement of the fall pick up, Gotham promotes three actors to series regulars.

With the announcement of the fall pick up, Gotham promotes three actors to series regulars.

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Gotham Gets a Green Light

GothamFox announced last night with a two minute trailer that Gotham has been picked up for a first season.

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Riddle Me This Gotham???

Arkham City riddlerCory Michael Smith has been added as the Riddler to the cast of upcoming Gotham pilot this week.

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Updated- The Residents of Gotham

GothamUnofficial images of the cast of Gotham have been popping up all over Twitter this month, but DC and Fox are giving us better looks at each character.
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Electro & Penguin Are On The Loose

Lego Penguin Kastor's KornerNew Lego Super Heroes are hitting shelves this month, and the first two small sets from Marvel And DC give some fun updates to characters. So check out how Batman and Spider-man handle their foes.

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The Arkham Knight Arrives

Batman Arkham Knight Kastor's KornerMany gamers were wondering why Rocksteady was not involved in Batman: Arkham Origins, and today they found out why. The first trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight was released today and it looks amazing.

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The Penguin’s Bodyguard is Ready for Action

Penguin Sickle Kastor's KornerDC Collectibles brings back the Penguin and his muscle, Sickle, to the Arkham City line.

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NYCC 2013: Mattel Shows Off DC Movie Figures, MOTU & More

NYCC-mattel-featMattel had a huge showcase on the floor at NYCC, packed with lots of exciting new reveals.

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Finally, Gotham Villains Unite!

Once it was clear that Mattel had no plans of making a unified DC Cassics line, it was much easier to pick and choose what figures to buy. The release of the Batman Unlimited line has given me one of the final pieces to my collection, the Penguin. Continue reading “Finally, Gotham Villains Unite!” »

Review: DCUC Wave One from Mattel

Since the reinvention of the action figure in 2000 by Toy Biz, DC fans have been waiting for the DC universe to be made. This summer Mattel got the rights to the entire DC universe and the first wave of figures proves that not only will we get the big names but also the B- and C-list characters we all want. Continue reading “Review: DCUC Wave One from Mattel” »