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Funko Reveals Pop! Television: Stranger Things Wave 3

Just in time for Stranger Things Season 2, here is Funko’s new lineup of Pops!

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Pop! Masters of the Universe

The newest wave of Masters of the Universe Pop! is here!

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Even Funko Pops Have Porgs!

So a Wookie, Jedi, and Porg walk into a cantina…… The Star Wars world has gone Porg crazy, when you add a Wookie this collector could not pass it up.  Continue reading “Even Funko Pops Have Porgs!” »

Loot Crate December 2016 – ‘REVOLUTION’ Unboxing

You say you want a revolution?  Loot Crate has got you covered.

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Funko Reveals (Some of?) Their PREACHER Pop Line

preacher-featMeet the (white, male) stars of AMC’s Preacher in Pop format.

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All New Funko Impopsters!

Funko Pops Kastors KornerFunko is releasing some fun new Pop! figures based on Batman and his villains. Continue reading “All New Funko Impopsters!” »

Toy Fair 2016: Funko

Toy-fair-FunkoFunko reveals the future of ReAction and The Legacy Collection, and debuts another year’s worth of Pops and more.

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Pop Funko’s Iron Throne is Nothing Short AWESOME!

iron-throneWe all saw the teasers that Funko gave us pre-New York Comic Con of their exclusives. The moment I saw the Iron Throne Pop! I knew it was a must have.  Continue reading “Pop Funko’s Iron Throne is Nothing Short AWESOME!” »

Funko San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives: Wave One

venkman-vinyl-featFunko is proud to announce our first batch of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives!

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Funko to Partner with Sesame Street to Release New Pop! Series

funko logo


Funko is excited to announce a new license with Sesame Workshop to create a series of Sesame Street Pop! Vinyl Figures.

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Pop! Marvel: Classic X-Men and X-Men Deadpool

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Pop! Marvel: X-Men Deadpool

Did someone say chimichangas?!
Deadpool is making the calls around Funko these days!

Remember when Deadpool joined the X-Men? We sure do!

funko pop x-men 01


Available this month!


Pop! Marvel: X-Men

The X-Men!
Children of the Atom!
Sworn to protect a world that fears them!

Storm, Cyclops, Colossus, and Professor X are here as little Pop! protectors.
But watch out…
Magneto and Mystique are here too!
funko pop x-men 02 funko pop x-men 03 funko pop x-men 04 funko pop x-men 05 funko pop x-men 06 funko pop x-men 07




Available in November!

Despicable Me Pop! and Mystery Minis

funko logo


We have two brand new Despicable Me Minion Pop!’s!

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Why MOTU Flutterina is Important

motuc-flutterina-featFlutterina is the latest female figure in Mattel’s increasingly diverse MOTU Classics… Who knew a toy line starring a laser-shooting barbarian would become so gender equitable?

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Pop! Marvel: Thor

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Asgard is such a big world… We couldn’t leave it only to Thor and Loki!

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Funko Adds To The Guardians’ Pop Galaxy

groot-howardIf you’re one of those few sad sacks who hasn’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet… well… spoiler warning, I guess.

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