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SDCC 2017: Quantum Mechanix Booth Was Hopping

There is no doubt that the Quantum Mechanix booth was one of the hot stops this year at SDCC, as their cute superhero Q-Figs and Sci-Fi figures are rivaling Hot Toys.  Continue reading “SDCC 2017: Quantum Mechanix Booth Was Hopping” »

Loot Crate December 2016 – ‘REVOLUTION’ Unboxing

You say you want a revolution?  Loot Crate has got you covered.

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Loot Crate November 2016 – ‘MAGICAL’ Unboxing


Loot Crate conjures up a great mix of magical charms inside November’s Crate.

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Loot Crate August 2016 – ‘ANTI-HERO’ Unboxing

Loot-Crate-Aug-2016-Anti-HeThere’s good guys. There’s bad guys. Then there’s the other guys, and Loot Crate is celebrating them with the ANTI-HERO Crate!

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Loot Crate July 2016 – ‘FUTURISTIC’ Unboxing

Loot-Crate-July-2016Here’s your future… according to Loot Crate.

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SDCC 2016- Quantum Mechanix Booth

QMx SDCC16 Kastors KornerIn the Quantum Mechanix Booth at Comic Con there were some new impressive mini statues and some impressive larger scale figures. Continue reading “SDCC 2016- Quantum Mechanix Booth” »

Quantum Mechanix Takes On Aquaman’s Most Infamous Meme at Comic-Con

qmx-aquaman-cthulhuThe first Q-Fig Max answers a question the internet has had for Aquaman for quite some time.

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Q-Fig Hulk Is Ready To Smash

QMX-Hulk-Loot-Crate-featThe latest Marvel Q-Fig from Quantum Mechanix is the best part of May’s POWER-themed Loot Crate.

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Q-Fig Wonder Woman: Adorable and Heroic

Q-Fig-Wonder-Woman-featThe Amazonian Princess is a perfect addition to Quantum Mechanix’s Q-Fig collection.

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Quantum Mechanix Explodes Into the Marvel Q-Fig Collection With Deadpool

QmX-Deadpool-featEat blazing doorknobs of death, banana face!

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Toy Fair 2016: Quantum Mechanix

quantum-mechanixQuantum Mechanix showed off their fun Q Figs, amazing 1:6 Firefly and Star Trek figures, and more at Toy Fair.

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Q-Pop Batman PVC Statue by Quantum Mechanix

qpop-batmanWhen I saw this Batman Q-Pop I had to have it!

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