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Herbert West: Retro Re-Animator

Monstarz-Re-Animator-featAmok Time’s Monstarz series pays tribute to Stuart Gordon’s cult classic film Re-Animator in toy form.

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Review: NECA’s The Hateful Eight Collection

NECA-Hateful-8-featNECA revisits Quentin Tarantino’s world with a fantastic new set of figures based on the director’s latest cinematic milestone, The Hateful Eight.

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This Shark Hunter Retro Action Figure Is Awesome

shark-hunter-sandy-collora-Sandy Collora’s first original concept action figure is live on Kickstarter, and you should totally back this!

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Warpo’s New Legends of Cthulhu TV Ad Is Awesome

cthulhu-warpo-featWarpo’s deluxe 12″ Cthulhu action figure hits retail today, and they’ve unleashed another great retro TV commercial to celebrate!

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Alien vs. Predator’s Battle Goes Retro

AVP-Kenner-featThe latest Kenner inspired action figure set from NECA is a perfect throwback.

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Jaws ReAction: We’re Gonna Need A Smaller Boat

jaws-reaction-featJaws goes in the ReAction line.  Shark’s in the ReAction line.  Our shark.

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FIRST LOOK: Transformers Kre-O Class of ’85 (SDCC Exclusive)

TF-Kre-O-featCybertron High is back in session, as Hasbro delivers Transformers’ Class of 1985 to the Kre-O universe.

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The ReAction Tomorrowland Collection Is Retro-Cool

tomorrowland-reaction-featDisney’s summer flop feels like the perfect fit for Funko and Super7’s ReAction collection.

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Retro Game Alien 3 Figure Review

NECA-retro-game-alien3-featNECA releases a great figure inspired by the lousy video game adaptation of the most questionable Alien movie.

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Pulp Fiction ReAction Reloads With Series Two

reaction-pulp-fiction-featQuentin Tarantino’s masterpiece inspires a new batch of retro action figures.

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Big Trouble In Retro China

ReAction-Big-Trouble-featFunko delivers a fun set of toys based on John Carpenter’s Big Trouble In Little China.

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Snake Plissken Escapes From the Toy Aisle

snake-plissken-retro-featNECA’s newest retro action figure is the coolest Snake Plissken toy ever.

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Rambo Wages 8-Bit Warfare

8-Bit-Rambo-featWelcome to the pixelated jungle.

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Pulp Fiction Goes Retro

pulp-fiction-reaction-featFunko and Super7 release the first ReAction figures based on Quentin Tarantino’s modern classic.

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10 Questions With WARPO

warpo-featTwo of the minds behind WARPO, creators of the awesome Legends of Cthulhu toy line, share their insight into vintage action figures, HP Lovecraft and lots more.

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