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The First Venom Trailer Is Here

This first look at Venom made a lot of fans wonder how much we will see a fully formed anti hero in the film.  Continue reading “The First Venom Trailer Is Here” »

Minimates Monday- Spider-man And His Amazing Villains

Toys R Us delivers yet another stellar wave of Minimates, this time it’s all about Spider-man and his foes.  Continue reading “Minimates Monday- Spider-man And His Amazing Villains” »

The Spider-Verse Gets A Trailer

The world of Spider-man is going to grow in 2018 Continue reading “The Spider-Verse Gets A Trailer” »

NYCC 2017: A Discussion With Team Marvel From Hasbro

New Legends reveals! New hope for Professor X’s hoverchair? And what are the odds we’ll see new toys based on the X-Men movie universe? Let’s find out…

Continue reading “NYCC 2017: A Discussion With Team Marvel From Hasbro” »

Mini-Monday: SDCC Spider-man Homecoming Minimates

Spider-man Homecoming had some fun minimates, but this SDCC exclusive set rounds out the major looks and is not hard to get.  Continue reading “Mini-Monday: SDCC Spider-man Homecoming Minimates” »

Spider-man:Homecoming Brings The Wallcrawler To The MCU

@SonyPictures This is the Spider-man movie everyone has been waiting for, and will make you forget all that came before.  Continue reading “Spider-man:Homecoming Brings The Wallcrawler To The MCU” »

Spider-man:Homecoming Marvel Legends- The Movie Figures

The new Spider-man: Homecoming Legends capture the look and the feel of the movie, while expanding the MCU roster in Legends.  Continue reading “Spider-man:Homecoming Marvel Legends- The Movie Figures” »

Mini-Monday: Spider-Man Homecoming- The Lego Sets

We are just a little over a month away from Spider-man: Homecoming, and the LEGO sets give us a brief glimpse into the film.  Continue reading “Mini-Monday: Spider-Man Homecoming- The Lego Sets” »

The Vulture Takes To The Sky To Battle Spider-man

Walmart kicks off the Summer of Spider-man with an Ultimate Marvel Legends 2-pack. Ultimate Spider-man takes on the Vulture continuing to build the Ultimate villain roster.  Continue reading “The Vulture Takes To The Sky To Battle Spider-man” »

Shocker Gets Upgraded To Take On Spider-man

With Spider-man: Homecoming coming up soon, Hasbro is expanding its 3.75 inch line with some much needed comic updates of Shocker and Spider-man. Continue reading “Shocker Gets Upgraded To Take On Spider-man” »