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The Loyal Subjects Thundercats Are On The Loose

Even the blind box hunt could not keep me away from getting some of the new Loyal Subjects Thundercats. Continue reading “The Loyal Subjects Thundercats Are On The Loose” »

Inside Mezco’s Pre-Toy Fair 2017 Press Event

So much One:12. So much awesome.

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Thundercats Are On The Loose

Thundercats SDCC 16 Kastors KornerMattel kicked off the Thundercats line with the kittens at Comic Con this year. Continue reading “Thundercats Are On The Loose” »

Snarf! Snarf!

SnarfThere is no doubt, one way or another I will be bringing home a Snarf from SDCC this year thanks to Mezco! Continue reading “Snarf! Snarf!” »

The Kittens Are The SDCC Exclusives

Thundercats SDCC 2016 exclusivesThundercats are going to be loose at SDCC when WilyKit and WilyKat become the first Thundercat figures available to the pubic from the Mattel Thundercats Classics line. Continue reading “The Kittens Are The SDCC Exclusives” »

Here Are Mezco’s 2016 Convention Exclusives

mezco-comic-con-teaserThe One:12 Collective, Thundercats, Mez-Itz and Living Dead Dolls are all getting some love.

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Mezco Toyz Teases 2016 Convention Exclusives

mezco-comic-con-teaserMezco offers a teaser of their six traveling Convention exclusives for 2016.

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Toy Fair 2016: Mattel Thundercats Showcase

Toy-Fair-Thundercats-MattelThundercats are on the loose, and we got our first real look at the figures at Toy Fair.

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Toy Fair 2016: Mezco Toyz

mezco-toy-fair-daredevilMezco’s One:12 Collective dominated their showcase at Toy Fair 2016.

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Mattel’s Thundercats Club: Third Earth Is Pretty Much Perfect

Thundercats SDCC 2015 Kastor's KornerThe initial lineup of the Four Horsemen-designed Thundercats figures has been unveiled, and Mattel’s choices could not be better.

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