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Kornercast- Saturday Night Losers Catch Up

The Kornercast PodcastThe Kornercast comes back with some help from the Newsbox. Continue reading “Kornercast- Saturday Night Losers Catch Up” »

Why “Fanboys” Have a Poor Reputation

The term “fanboy” has been around a while, it even has a movie about it, but in today’s world it isn’t a kind term. So what has happened in our little world to become such a negative word in pop culture? Continue reading “Why “Fanboys” Have a Poor Reputation” »

Kornercast- Why Won’t They Open Their Toys?

Collectors tend to keep their toys in the boxes, but if they want them so much why won’t they open them? Continue reading “Kornercast- Why Won’t They Open Their Toys?” »

Kornercast-Should I Start Collecting A New Line?

The question every collectors asks from time to time. Sometimes we stay strong, but most of the time we give in.  Continue reading “Kornercast-Should I Start Collecting A New Line?” »

The Kornercast Episode 18- A New Brian

The Kornercast PodcastThis week on the Kornercast my oldest friend Brian joins me for our first live podcast.

Continue reading “The Kornercast Episode 18- A New Brian” »

The Kornercast Episode 1- Mike Hopkins

Kornercast topWelcome to our first podcast Kastor’s Korner. This week we catch up with one of our new editors Mike Hopkins Continue reading “The Kornercast Episode 1- Mike Hopkins” »