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Gotham Gets a Tease Before SDCC 2014

Gotham FeatureWith Comic Con right around the corner, Fox put together a Gotham teaser for the new show.

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WB and DC Bring the Heroes to SDCC 2014

arrowWho better to kick off the WB showcase at Comic Con this year than Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell.

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Superman Sequel Gets a Title

Superman Sequel Gets a TitleThe sequel to the Man of Steel get an official title, and lets fans know that Justice is coming.

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WB Releases a New Clip and Pictures From Son of the Bat

SoBat - 2 RobinsWarner Bros Entertainment released some new images and a clip from Son of the Bat, the next DC Animated film set in the New 52 world.

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TV Korner- Arrow 2.13- “Heir to the Demon”

Arrow 213 Heir to the DemonThe League is back for Sara, can Oliver save her before they kill her and the rest of the Lance family?

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Gotham Gets Its Gordon

Jim gordonThis weekend it was announced that Benjamin McKenzie will take on the role of a young Jim Gordon in Fox’s upcoming Gotham series.

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TV Korner: Arrow 2.12- “Tremors”

Arrow 212 TremorsRoy is ready to kill someone, anyone, and it’s up to Oliver to figure out how to get through to him. Find out on if Ollie can save Roy this week’s Arrow.

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The Superman/Batman Film Cast Grows

Alfred LexIt looks like there are two new cast members for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. One has fans excited the other has them upset. So who has been cast to play Lex Luthor and Alfred?

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TV Korner: Arrow 2.11- “Blind Spot”

Arrow 211 BlindspotThe people around Oliver are going down a darker path, and it is up to him to make sure those closest to him don’t end up being enemies.

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TV Korner: Arrow 2.09- “Three Ghosts”

Arrow 209A new look, old enemies, new allies, and so much more. It is only half way through season 2 but this mid season finale felt like it could have been the end of season 2.  And there is so much more doing in Arrow in 2014.

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TV Korner: Arrow 2.08- “The Scientist”

Arrow 209There have been a few heroes to join Olivers fight in Starling City, but this is the first big name to join the show. Barry Allen arrives in this week’s Arrow and he brings a few easter eggs with him.

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TV Korner: Arrow 2.07- “State vs Queen”

Arrow 207This week Moria’s fate is decided by a jury of her peers, and an old foe returns on the CW’s Arrow.

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The Flash is Zooming Along

the-flashThe Flash is on the fast track to his own series on the CW, splitting off from Arrow sooner rather than later.

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Wonder Twin Powers Activate?!?

wonder-twins-featMidtown Comics in New York got a very special package from the WB yesterday, but is a joke or something else?

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Is Nightwing Coming to Starling City?

Nightwing Arrow Kastor's KornerThe rumor mill is churning out a lot of Nightwing talk this month. The newest rumor is Nightwing might make an appearance on the CW’s Arrow, but can it really happen?

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