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Review: NECA’s Alien Covenant Collection

The Alien Covenant toy line from NECA is a real creature feature, complete with wonderfully sculpted monsters based on the movie.

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NECA Reveals Aliens Series 12

The heroines of James Cameron’s sci fi horror classic get new looks in NECA’s next assortment of Aliens action figures.

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DST & Toys R Us Deliver More Aliens Minimates

Aliens-Minimates-TRU-Ser-3Six new Aliens Minimates from three different source materials make up the great new wave of Toys R Us exclusive two-packs.

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Review: Aliens Minimates Toys R Us Series 2

Aliens-Minimates-TRU-featJust in time for #AlienDay426, Diamond Select deploys three new sets of Alien Minimates to Toys R Us stores.

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24 Hour #AlienDay426 Event Is On NOW!


Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products reminds media of an out-of-this-world, 24 hour, fan-focused social media event celebrating the ALIEN franchise on Tuesday, April 26th – a nod to LV-426, the planet from the iconic ALIEN films.

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The Big Chap Prototype Joins NECA’s Aliens Collection

NECA-Proto-Alien-featNECA delves deep into the production history of Ridley Scott’s Alien for their first, ever Aliens Concept Figure.

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NECA Unleashes AvP’s Aliens

NECA-AvP-Aliens-featOnce again, NECA manages to spin gold out of garbage, with another set of AvP action figures worlds better than the movie that inspired them.

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The Alien Minimates Nostromo Crew Gets Bigger

Nostromo-Minimates-featA new Hastings exclusive 4-pack expands the crew of the Nostromo.

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The Aliens Minimates Universe Expands

aliens-minimates-featNew two-packs and the first, ever deluxe sets help to bring the Aliens Minimates universe full circle.

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Aliens Series 6 Should Not Stay Isolated

aliens-ser-6-featNECA’s newest Aliens toys bring the best Alien video game to the third dimension.

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