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Thor: The Dark World Poster Revealed

thor-2-poster-featThe first teaser poster from the Thor sequel has been revealed.

With all the buzz about Iron-Man 3 and flurry of Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier news, it’s easy to forget that Thor: The Dark World is hitting theaters in just about half a year.  And just in time, Marvel has revealed the first poster for the upcoming sequel, as well as news that we’ll see the first teaser trailer make its debut next Tuesday, April 23rd.

It’s a cool enough shot, but man… between Skourge, the Dark Elves and all kinds of wacky-sounding elements that promise a major departure for the Odinson’s next solo adventure… a shot of Thor standing by himself seems a little anti-climactic.  Maybe they’re saving all the excitement for the trailer?

thor 2 poster full kastorskorner

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