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Toy Fair 2014: Lego Preview Event


Chima expands the line with the addition of creepier world of animals. The first half of the year will see arachnids and bats, while the second half of the year will see a fire theme with new birds and tigers. This theme has been compared to Thundercats, but it has become its own thing. The sets are a mix of builds like Ninjago, and mixing some of the fantasy themes over the last few years. The minifigures continue to push the boundaries of what a minifigure is in the world of LEGO, and hopefully they will be part of the new LEGO film.

General Themes:

The classic themes are all here giving people a place to jump on without feeling too far beyond. The newest addition this year is the Arctic theme. The only thing missing from these sets are white base plates to simulate snow. But they give builders some polar bears, and new husky dogs.

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