Comics Korner: Image Comics- Rat Queens # 1

By jayq - October 2, 2013

RatQueens01For those of you who enjoyed the banter if multiple Deadpools from other universes in the Deadpool Corps You will really enjoy the Rat Queens.

This rag tag group of girl like creatures are very vulgar, funny, and well KICK ASS! What you get here from Image Comics that you cannot get from the other companies is explicit language and funny innuendos that are not commonly read.The Rat Queens consist of their pseudo leader Hannah, a short but quick witted infiltrator named Betty, a mystical mage named Dee, and a fierce red headed warrior in Violet. Rat Queens is written by Kurtis J. Wiebe and drawn by Roc Upchurch.

The art from Upchurch makes this book enjoyable it’s clean and draws you into each panel. His action scenes have a very sharp and epic feel to them. Wiebe’s writing of the team is phenomenal. You can see how well they mesh with each other and play off their strengths and weaknesses. The Rat Queens are the trouble makers in the city, and the mayor is not messing around anymore.He wants the girls punished and their punishment is to clean the goblin caves. But what they find in the cave is not goblin at all.They find themselves trappen by a mysterious shadowy assassin. The question remains, who set them up?

With the explicit language within this book I would not recommend this to children under the age of 13, but I found the vulgar banter quite humorous and instantly fell in love with this team. I am looking forward to issue 2. 

Go to your local comic shop to grab this first issue! And if you in the Baltimore area pick it up at Collectors Corner on Wednesday.

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