3 New Character Posters From Captain America: The Winter Soldier

By bill - January 31, 2014

black-widow-featThe Winter Soldier gang is all here!  Well, except the Winter Soldier.

In addition to the cool new production images released yesterday, Marvel has also revealed three new character posters for the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  The trio of posters features Cap, Black Widow and Nick Fury, respectively… oddly avoiding the movie’s second titular star, the Winter Soldier himself.

It definitely adds to the theory that the Soldier’s true identity will be played as a surprise (although not a very surprising one, for comic book readers)– I’d imagine the inevitable Super Bowl teaser will also feature Cap’s mysterious new foe and paint him in a rather negative, or at least enigmatic light.

As for these new posters, I like the simplicity of them; we’ve seen so many “person just standing there” posters at this point, but all three of these shots feel very telling of the characters (Cap, reflective and pensive… Black Widow ready to reign down in combat… Fury hunched over his table, mid-scheme).  And all three are very clean, too, without tons of annoying flying debris in the background– just the figures standing in front of a predominantly lit sky.  I’d love to have all three of these hanging on my wall together, actually!

I can’t wait to see what Marvel has in store for us during the Big Game.  I’m totally expecting to be jazzed by our next look at Captain America… Fingers crossed we might see a little something for Guardians of the Galaxy, too!

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