5 More Characters Perfect For ARROW

By staff-writers - January 15, 2015

wpid-arrow-4-color-comment-banner.jpg.jpegHere’s another 5 DC characters that I’d love to see on ARROW.

We are less than a week away before ARROW returns from it’s fall finale, and I can’t wait. So far this season has been plain amazing.

As always, one of the main things I love about the show is the Easter Eggs on it. Whether they are blatantly obvious or very subtle, it’s what really makes this show enjoyable to comic fans. Of course catching one of them, just makes me as giddy as a schoolgirl.

So with much respect to the producers and writers of ARROW, I came up with another 5 characters from DC Comic that would be great to see on the show.

Grace Choi

arrow grace choi


When Grace first appeared in Outsiders #1 (Vol.3), it was already established that Roy AKA Arsenal shared a history together. And with the news that Roy will have to step up with Oliver missing, why not add some characters from Roy’s past. The best way to portray Grace would be have her as one of the many criminals that Slade injected with the Mirakuru serum, and this would explain her strength. Set up as an old friend of Roy’s who’s come to him for help because she can’t handle the psychological effects of the Mirakuru.


arrow cheshire

Another one for Roy here. With Cheshire, I would not change a thing about her character. Still make her an assassin. Still make her flirt heavily with Roy. Still make her an excellent martial artist. And still make her weapons poisons. Maybe eventually her and Roy sleeping together and making Lian, but not immediately. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Mr. Terrific

arrow mr terrific

One of the things Ray Palmer said on the show was he likes being the smartest person in the room. Well, it’s time for Palmer to meet his match. Enter Michael Holt, the third smartest person in the DCU. You make his name, Mr. Terrific, as kind of a business nickname. You introduce him as a friend and rival to Palmer. Maybe have him help Arrow in some way. But any way you do it, Michael Holt would be a serious asset to the show.


arrow hawkman

I grew with what was known as the Satellite era of the Justice League of America. Besides being a who’s who of heroes back then was the constant political arguments between Hawkman and Green Arrow. I would love to see that tension between these two character on ARROW. In this case, you make Carter Hall a museum curator, specializing in Egyptian history. I haven’t figured out how to make the two characters interact yet, but give me some time.

Seven Soldiers of Victory

arrow seven soldiers of victory

I remember right before ARROW started it’s third season, Steven Amell kept saying you’d see a Justice League every week. Personally I think it would be cooler to see the Seven Soldiers of Victory. This was Oliver and Roy’s first team, waaaaay before either the Justice League or Teen Titans. Break it down like this: Still have the Vigilante as a country singer. His background still works. Star-Spangled Kid is a rich kid, but make him more like a Mark Zuckerberg, and Stripey as his bodyguard. Crimson Avenger will be a media mogul instead of a newspaper owner. I think you could leave out Wing if you wanted to, seeing how he wasn’t an “official” member. And for the Shining Knight, make him similar to Robin Williams’ character in the Fisher King. Where the Knight is actually a delusional with King Arthur and the Round Table. I’m not against seeing the League on ARROW, I just feel the Seven Soldiers would be cooler.

So for now, that’s the 5 characters I’d like to see on ARROW. If they don’t show up, I’m not going to be upset. The producers and writers of ARROW have done right by me and I trust them in whatever direction they go in.

ARROW returns to the CW on Wednesday, January 21 at 8 PM EST.

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