5 Storylines We May Never See in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

By staff-writers - October 20, 2014

Comic-Con-Avengers-Age-of-Ultron-LBThe Marvel Universe boasts of several great story-lines that fans can’t wait to experience in live action. There are some stories however, that as great as they are, may never make it into the current mold of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Here, I take a look at some of the great stories that could make it somehow, and some that are so bizarre they definitely won’t make it into the MCU.


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Let’s start with a crazy one. This one happens in Ultimates 3 (The Ultimates has been the biggest inspiration for Marvel’s live action cinematic universe thus far) where a tape featuring none other than Tony Stark himself  assembling his parts to Natasha’s is leaked all over the internet. What’s more, most of the Avengers team is with Tony at his mansion and this video plays on the big screen to all their “enjoyment”. I think the most cringe inducing part of this (Yes there’s something more awkward than just watching your sex tape with your buddies) whole situation is when Janet Van Dayne (The Wasp) proceeds to start off acting like she was trying to be supportive to her team mate then proceeds to ask him some really personal questions involving the tape. I guess once they have seen you naked between the sheets, anything goes. This particular storyline is never going to happen in the live action MCU mainly because it has thus far been geared toward a more general audience. Also it has already been confirmed that Natasha is involved with Bruce Banner in “Age Of Ultron”. Then again, knowing Natasha from the comics , that is not saying much. You know what, I will just stop here.


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In the 1980s Marvel made a shocking move to humanize Hank Pym (Ant-Man) and make him more interesting my putting the character through several dark situations that ultimately led to him becoming an abusive husband to Janet Van Dayne. This character trait has become almost synonymous with the character. The Marvel Cinematic universe being as kid friendly as it is will never go down that road with the character. For one, they cast Michael Douglas in the role and this hints that not much of his history will be tackled and even if they did, they would surely not venture into that territory. The closest we could get to it would be a throwaway line about a “dark past” or something to that effect.


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Another staple from the Ultimates line of Comics, is this storyline where Wolverine catches the Maximoff Twins (Who are strongly hinted to be his kids in this incarnation) doing the dirty in the bushes. Not only is it gross to even have such an idea in a medium that is predominantly read by adolescents, the whole deal is seen through the eyes of Wolverine who for some reason decides to just stay there and watch an entire sexcapade involving his alleged children. Joss Whedon is known for pushing the boundaries with his characters, yet this one is one I think the big heads at Marvel will never allow to see the light of day. We may have a little nod here and there towards that concept. Fan service is all that will ever come of this in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.



Jon Favreau actually tried to go down this road when he started preparing for Iron Man 2. The big wigs at Marvel weren’t into the idea which is why all we got was that party scene in the final movie. Heralded as one of the quintessential Iron Man story-lines which sees Tony Stark take up alcoholism following a Malfunction in his suit that leads to the death of a foreign ambassador. This leads to several other things (some of which we saw in “Iron Man 2”) culminating in Tony Stark having to face his demons, fight his alcoholism and ends on a rather optimistic note for the armored Avenger. It’s a character study that would have been “The Dark Knight” of the MCU if it was done right. For now it seems that we may not see that story-line in the MCU but here’s to hoping that the events in Age Of Ultron could lead to a possible 4th Iron Man film that tackles this aspect of Tony Stark’s Character.



Civil War is a massive crossover event that could actually be a Franchise by itself spawning several films tackling the different players in the story. The story introduces the Superhero Registration Act which requires all heroes to register their secret identities to the government. This, of course, sees a massive division in the heroes as some (Ied by Tony Stark) agreed with the law while the others (Led by Captain America) felt that it imposed on the only thing they had that was close enough to a normal life. Their identities. Several things led up to the creation of this act and both sides have some good points that could make for a great number of movies. Considering the endgame for Marvel, right now is Thanos, we won’t be seeing a full-fledged version of this storyline anytime soon. Although following the events of Age Of Ultron, we could see Marvel shake things up by tackling this story with Robert Downey Jr assuming a supporting role in the next Captain America in more of an anti-hero role siding with the Government and maybe becoming the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. There have been rumors circulating that Cap ends up forming a new team of Avengers at the end of AOU so this could actually be in the works already.

UPDATE: This article was written a few days before the Iron Man/Civil War rumor broke. So here’s to more of these great stories making the leap to live action!

So there you have it! Are there any other stories that you like that may not fit into the MCU? Leave your thoughts below!

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