Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 Episode 2 “Authority Vested”

By kastor417 - September 19, 2012

The fiery ending of the season opener of Sons of Anarchy was only the beginning of the excitement for season 5. Episode 2 give fan more questions to ponder as season 5 unfolds.  

Will history repeat itself?

There is no doubt that right now Tara is deeply in love with Jax, but could her love for Opie blossom as she travels deeper into the SAMCRO rabbit hole? The audience knows very little about details about the Clay, JT, and Gemma love triangle. Could this be the start of history repeating itself with the next generation? Only time will tell but we have seen that Opie and Jax always end up going through these things together.

Wedding bells for love?

Going to jail is a way of life for the members of SAMCRO, just ask Bobby, so did Jax marry Tara for love or or did he do it for another reason? Anyone that watches these types of shows know that a spouse can’t be forced to testify, and knowing that Jax is about to go away again could he be protecting himself? We know that Tara is in on almost everything that Jax has been involved with so this could be a smart move for the the president of SAMCRO

What is going on with the Nomads?

At the end of episode one the audience was given hint that the nomads were behind the recent home invasions in Chraming, but at the end of this week Frankie was holding the contents of Clay’s safe while the other two dumped the safe. So questions start to pile up around the newest members of the MC. Why are they doing this? Are they alone in their actions or is another group trying to dismantle SAMCRO from the the inside?

With all these questions and serious moments the highlight of this week has to be Nero giving Jax advice and the car chase. I can’t wait to see how this relationship plays out over the season.

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