60 New Seconds of Godzilla

By bill - April 9, 2014

godzilla-featGodzilla cares not for the courage of men.

A new teaser clip for Godzilla hit the net recently, titled “Courage.”  Not surprisingly, it focuses on the human reaction to Godzilla– which is where I’m assuming a large portion of the movie will dwell, actually.

I think this is both the most interesting, and potentially bad aspect of the remake… While character drama is integral to telling a really good story, the “human” factor also threatens to make this movie into a big, dour bore– no one is going to a Godzilla movie to see Bryan Cranston weep for 3 hours, there has to be a balance.  Director Gareth Edwards proved with his first film Monsters he can balance human drama and giant monsters, but can lightning strike twice like that?  And how much of it was based on the solid script of Monsters, as opposed to direction?

Either way, I applaud the Godzilla marketing team for really giving their all with the shock and awe approach to their monster.  Yes, we’ve seen these same ruined landmarks and ominous, gigantic body parts and off screen roars before… but this feels like paying proper respect to one of the most iconic creatures of the big screen bunch, and I love that.

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