Adventures of Butthurt Anime Fan Is Super Funny, Totally True

By bill - April 23, 2015

butthurt-anime-fanNo part of this video is not perfect.

Undoubtedly like many of you reading this, I have some serious issues with fandom.  I consider the term “fanboy” to be an insult, and as time goes on my response to things like Comic Cons– that once great bastion of genre lovers coming together to commiserate en masse– have turned into the gig I most dread.  A part of this job that I treat with a healthy mix of social skepticism, consistent watch-checking, and a burning desire to commit to any number of non-nerdy activities as soon as possible once I’m on the other side of the show.

The main reason is the fans.  Not all of them, mind you; I’ve met a number of amazing people in my life, thanks directly to our shared passions within the geek world.  But the bad eggs, man… I’ve never met a more rotten bunch.  The n00b-shamers, the purists, the boy’s club… whatever you wanna call them, this crowd has produced some real winners, a group whose attitudes and actions are every bit as reprehensible and prone to bullying and social ostracism as the (likely fictitious) jocks and cheerleaders who they decry.

I bring this up because The Adventures of Butthurt Anime Fan brilliantly and effectively eviscerates ALL the negative aspects of geekdom in one concise three minute clip.  It’s all here– the nonsensical debates, the aggrandized speech patterns, the ostracism of newcomers, the breakneck speed at which discourse escalates to slurs and hate speech… all present, all on display, and all true.

It’s also hilarious, a very funny dig at a lot whose derision is legitimately and completely warranted.

I really, really love it.

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