Hasbro’s A-Force Adds Some Power To Marvel Legends

By kastor417 - January 9, 2018

The Marvel Legends A Force is the set I never knew I needed in my collection.

There are times when I look at toys as think, wow they are cool but I don’t need them, and the A Force set fell into that category. When I first saw the set last year at Toy Fair I did not really care much. I was just getting back into Legends and really only wanted that She-Hulk. But something happened in 2017, and by the ned of the year I needed this set. The deeper I got into Marvel Legends the more appreciation I had for the set, and when Bill let me borrow his set to photograph I knew I needed my own.

I did not know much about the team when the set was released, and honestly I still don’t, but that did not stop me from appreciating great figures. There are some parts reused in this set, as any box set, but it works. Elsa is one of the chracters I did not know about, and surprised me because she is one of the best in the set. The head sculpt and hair is some of the best in the line, and while we don’t have updated Monsters in the Legends line, she is a great start. Monica Rambeau is another stand out in the set, also know as Captain Marvel, once again has one of the more impressive head sculpts and hair work in the line. These two do share some parts, but they both are so well done, it does not stand out. The final figure I had no idea about was Singularity, which is also a stand out in the set. Most of the time the all translucent figures have issues, and don’t always work, but in her case between the fiery hair and the smaller size she is perfect. It can be hard to capture expressions in the translucent figures, but somehow with the paint and the sculpting she looks innocent and wonderful.

The other three figures in the set are some of the most wanted, but all have a fault. Again the head sculpts on these three are spot on but the body’s all seem slightly off. Sif reuses most of Angelica, but her cape gets in the way. Lady Loki is also a great look but feels like they should have swapped the bodies of the two Thor ladies. I remember Loki being taller and Sif slightly shorter. Loki also suffers from the cape issue, and without the cape she looks off. These are times when I wish Marvel Legends would allow some soft goods in their figures. It would allow for more posing and more natural look. She-Hulk was my number one want in the set, but she is overall the weakest figure. The sculpt and the color are perfect, but the articulation is where she falls short. The longer torso looks awkward on the figure, and I understand the need for size, but wish it was executed slightly different.

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So at the higher price point? Yes. Marvel Legends collectors come for the big names and be pleasantly surprised with the C-list figures. Your Marvel shelf needs them!


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