AFX And Diamond Debut Thundercats Minimates at Comic Con

By bill - June 30, 2012

Action Figure Express and Diamond revealed a new set of Thundercats Minimates, making their debut in a limited edition box set at SDCC!

The best thing about the build up to Comic Con is those last-minute reveals that come out of nowhere and totally blow you away. The biggest one so far is Diamond’s announcement of a new line of Thundercats Minimates, which will make their debut at Comic Con as a limited edition box set featuring Lion-O, Mumm-ra, Panthro, Jaga and Snarf.

Modeled in their classic 80’s looks, these are some of the coolest Minimates I’ve ever seen, and even though I’m a pretty passive Minimates fan (their character selection is awesome, but that scope makes it tough to handle going deep on a collection), this set is so cool there’s no way any T-Cats fan can leave the Con without one.  And to top it off, the Minimates may be the perfect size to fit in scale with the polystone ThunderTank statue, also availble via AFX at the show!

AFX is taking pre-orders on their site, so you can place your order now and pick it up at the Con (it’s pick up only, so sorry to non-attendees but there’s no word on future availability just yet).

If you’re heading to sunny San Diego in 2 weeks, Click here to place your pre-order now.

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Here’s AFX’s whole writeup:

Fleeing their dying homeworld, the THUNDERCATS have settled on Third Earth, a strange planet populated by fantastic creatures. LION-O, the Lord of the THUNDERCATS, will need the wisdom of his departed teacher JAGA, as well as the strength of his comrade PANTHRO, to keep his people safe. Especially since the evil sorceror MUMM-RA has his sights on Lion-O’s Sword of Omens, which contains the powerful Eye of Thundera. Lion-O comes complete with alternate head, 2 versions of the Sword of Omens (both short and long version), and removable Claw Glove which can also attach to his left hip; Panthro comes with his nunchucks; Mumm-Ra comes with his staff. THUNDERCATS, Ho! Includes a bonus Snarf Minimate PVC Figure!

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