There & Back Again: A Look At Bridge Direct’s Twilight Bilbo

By bill - March 11, 2013

hobbit sdcc bilbo featThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits DVD shelves next week, so it seemed like the perfect time to go back to where it all started– the first figure in The Bridge Direct’s phenomenal Hobbit toy line… Twilight Bilbo Baggins.

Before Bridge Direct wowed myself and many other collectors with their amazing 6″ and 3.75″ Hobbit toys last fall, they offered a preview figure at San Diego Comic Con.  Taking a cue from the Toy Biz Lord of the Rings concept, this preview figure features our hero, Bilbo Baggins, cast in translucent plastic to replicate his disappearing power while wearing the One Ring.

hobbit sdcc bilbo 09I always really liked the “twilight” variants like Frodo in the LOTR line, and this new Bilbo is a nice tip of the hat to that, while also providing a logical variant to the standard Bilbo, who has since been released.  Both 6″ Bilbo figures share an identical sculpt, with a gorgeous portrait of actor Martin Freeman and lots of articulation.  Lots of articulation and translucent materials can be a dangerous combination, with too many joints, pegs and inner workings interrupting the sculpt of a figure, but Bilbo avoids this issue thanks to his multiple overlay parts such as the jacket and scarf.  These pieces obstruct the visible interior of the figure enough that he looks more clear than simply visible, and it’s a great effect.

hobbit sdcc bilbo 16Packaging is just as dynamic as what’s inside them, when it comes to Comic Con exclusives, and Bilbo is no slouch in the box art department.  The figure is packed in a full-color box that is quite nice to look at.  The exterior is printed to look like Bilbo’s leather-bound journal, right down to some gorgeous embossed corners on the front and back of the box.  The front opens as a gatefold, which is kept secure by both a velcro tab and a cardboard strap made to look like Baggins’ acorn wax seal.  The strap slips on and off easily, and without it the gatefold can open to reveal Bilbo in a cut-out window hiding in Gollum’s cave, along with a short biography of our Hobbit hero.

hobbit sdcc bilbo 26It’s a very nice package for a very nice toy, and it’s very collector-friendly, in that Bilbo can be removed and replaced in the box with ease.  Bridge Direct knocked it out of the park with their Hobbit toy line, and their Comic Con 2012 exclusive Bilbo Baggins is certainly no exception.  I cannot wait to check out their upcoming Desolation of Smaug toy line… and what they have in store for us at Comic Con this Summer!

Thanks to The Bridge Direct for giving us the opportunity to check out this awesome figure!

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