The Age of Ultron Hits Marvel Legends

By bill - January 14, 2014

AU-Ultron-featThe Marvel Unlimited Plus AU Ultron Legends exclusive makes for a great variant of the Avengers’ robotic foe.

Marvel and Hasbro have been teaming up for years now to offer exclusive Marvel figures as an incentive for their digital comic service, Marvel Unlimited, but they stepped up their game in 2013.  The Marvel Unlimited Plus subscription delivered not only access to Marvel’s digital comics library, but an exclusive variant comic book and the first ever Marvel Unlimited Legends exclusive, the gold AU Ultron.

I couldn’t not take the plunge on this year’s subscription; Ultron and the comic book alone seemed worth the signup fee.  I haven’t delved deep enough into the digital comics themselves to review the overall service (except to say the Marvel Unlimited app does NOT work on Kindle devices, despite claims to the contrary)… For now, though, I want to take a look now at the new Ultron figure.

AU Ultron is a smart variant, one that uses 100% existing tooling but new colors which make him appear very unique.  This Ultron shares the exact same mold as the Iron-Man Legends figure, but while the Titanium Man body might not have felt like the best fit for a classic, silver Ultron, it works remarkably well for this more current look.

The gold color on this figure is a nice medium tone, not too matte but also not super glossy or metallic in its finish.  It also avoids the recent Hasbro trend of swirling plastic on what is supposed to be “metal,” and the figure is better for it– he looks cleaner and shows off the sculpt much better, in my opinion.

Ultron is fully poseable, and this body offers a good range of motion.  The few paint details we get are well rendered and striking against the solid gold of the villain– his red eyes are piercing and his blue mouth is even more eye catching, sporting a simple yet incredibly good looking energy crackle effect.  The figure also includes a matching gold display stand, and comes polybagged in the Marvel Unlimited Plus gift box, along with the exclusive comic and membership card you receive when you sign up.

While I’m glad Hasbro chose the more classic looking Ultron for their mass release figure over the summer, I like the AU version a lot more.  He’s a great representation of the modern look of the mechanical villain, and he looks great pitted against other Marvel Now figures like Iron-Man and Captain America.

AU Ultron is only available with a 12-month subscription to the Marvel Unlimited Plus service, which is available now– Click Here for more details.

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