Aliens Minimates APC Rolls Out

By bill - December 19, 2016


Diamond Select Toys adds the Armored Personnel Carrier to the Colonial Marines’ arsenal.

No company has come closer to realizing all the major players of James Cameron’s sci-fi classic Aliens than DST’s Minimates line.  Kenner’s toys from the 90s were a massive departure from the film itself, NECA’s toy line has delivered some great figures, but they’re nowhere near completing the cast, and toymakers like Kotobukiya and Hiya have focused by and large on the Xenomorphs as opposed to their human adversaries.  But Diamond Select’s Minimates have released virtually the entire squad of Colonial Marines (and even that Weyland-Yutani yuppie scumbag Burke) in their Minimates collection.

And now the cinematic crew gets closer to completion… and scores a certifiably awesome vehicle, thanks to the latest Aliens Minimates release.  The APC deluxe pack features a (roughly) in scale Minimates version of the Marines’ all-terrain armored vehicle, along with an exclusive Lt. Gorman in field mission attire.  It’s a really cool set, and a must-own for anyone as deep into the Aliens Minimates collection as me.

The APC itself is great.  While stylized to fit the simplistic Minimates aesthetic, this vehicle remains instantly recognizable, from its front-mounted turrets to those heavy wheels just itching to smash a Xenomorph warrior’s skull.  This Armored Personnel Carrier features functional wheels, a sliding side door (perfect to re-enact the tragic scene when Pvt. Drake just misses the bus), and a roof hatch that opens the vehicle up to reveal the fully sculpted interior.

Inside, the APC seats up to five Minimates, with a collection of seats throughout.  One chair even features a swivel to allow its occupant to view the monitor system, which is replicated with the help of some decals.  The rest of the seats are spaced out well to allow for maximum Minimates storage, although it is worth noting that the sculpt of the Marines’ armor sort of inhibits them from being posed in a natural seated position.  With a little work, you can manage to seat even the heaviest armored Marine inside the APC, though it will take some finessing.

In addition to the APC itself, this set also includes Lt. Gorman, the wet-behind-the-ears commander of this ill-fated bug hunt.  Gorman was previously released as a Toys R Us exclusive, though that version featured the Lieutenant in his dress uniform, while this Minimate captures his field jumpsuit look, complete with cap.  And if you want to capture Gorman’s appearance even later in the film, this guy also comes packed with a bandaged, post-concussion head.

Both heads look great on this body, and represent the most iconic looks for the Marines’ leader from the movie. Gorman also includes a handgun, which is about the only other truly relevant accessory he could include (not counting the thermal grenade, sadly not included with either him or Vasquez).  While I would have much preferred a non-damaged Bishop to drive the APC, I think Gorman is a fair choice for a pack-in figure.

The APC is being offered with Gorman as a direct market release, while a Toys R Us exclusive variant includes a vehicle with a battle damaged deco as well as a repack of Ripley in her jumpsuit and field jacket.  This release brings us even closer to the complete Aliens lineup, as we’re now only really lacking Ferro and a “mint condition” Bishop.  I’m hoping that two-pack is in the works, if not another deluxe pack which would include Ferro with the Dropship.  Come to think of it, Bishop would be the perfect TRU variant alternate for the doomed pilot, were DST to make the airship.  Did I just crack the code and figure out the next step for the Aliens Minimates collection? Maybe.  But until we know for sure, I’m going to add this Gorman to the ranks of my Minimates Marines, and enjoy the APC as the first vehicle to join this collection.

Thanks to Diamond Select Toys for the opportunity to review this awesome Aliens vehicle!

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