The Aliens Minimates Universe Gets Bigger

By bill - March 30, 2015

alien-minimates-featDST’s awesome Aliens Minimates series deploys four new figure packs to grow the Alien hive and the Colonial Marine forces.

The Aliens Minimates have been a sort of diverse collection so far.  The line launched last Fall with a bunch of boxed single mini-figures, which included a bunch of Xenomorph variants to army build, along with Wierzbowski and Spunkmeyer from the Colonial Marine squad, and the slimy Weyland Yutani executive Burke. It was a nice way to build out those Xenomorph drones, but I have to admit, it made me miss the movie’s main players, like Ripley and Hicks.

Thankfully, the latest release– a wave of the more familiar Minimates two-packs– brings more of our protagonists into the line, along with a few more supporting characters and creatures to army build.  These figures also feature lots of great alternate body parts and other accessories which offer a whole lot of custom options and loads of fun.

My favorite set features our two heroes, Ellen Ripley and Cpl. Dwayne Hicks.  Ripley is dressed in her t-shirt and suspenders, as she appeared in the final battle of James Cameron’s movie.  There’s a lot of detail in the figure’s paint work, from the Xenomorph slime and sweat stains on her shirt, to the bruise of her face.  This version of Ripley has definitely been through the wringer, and yet she appears as tough and resilient as ever, with her custom flame thrower/ pulse rifle at the ready.

Aliens Minimates 020Hicks is great, too, adding a shotgun and sling to the pre-existent Colonial Marine armor.  He also sports a removable helmet and alternate hair piece for an un-helmeted look, as well as a second head with his face bandaged up after he got too close to a spray of acidic Alien blood.  This means you can replicate Hicks’ final look from the film, sans-armor and all bandaged up, perfectly.

There’s three more sets in this wave, as well, and I’m just as impressed with some of these other figures.  On the Colonial Marines side, we get the team commander Apone, smart gunner Drake, and Dietrich, the medical officer.  Each of the ill-fated troops looks great, but I’m particularly taken by Drake, who features a great new harness that attaches to his iconic smart gun.  If this great new gear weren’t enough, he also packs two different hats, one with his comm unit in place and one without.

Apone is pretty cool, too, with three pieces of headgear included, allowing you to deck out the commander with his helmet, his black cap, or a facehugger that fits perfectly around any standard Minimates head.  Dietrich feels a bit more generic, but she still manages to include a hairpiece for an un-helmeted look, and she definitely helps to round out the squad.

Aliens Minimates 001The rest of this wave brings us more Xenomorphs– one battle damaged with a cool green blood-soaked paint deco– as well as the first colonist victim, Mary, who features a chestburster accessory that’s very clever.  The piece connects to the figure at the neck and drapes over her torso… and it’s removable, meaning you can make this creature bust out of any Minimate figure of your choosing!

I absolutely adore James Cameron’s Aliens, and DST has clearly put a lot of thought into their Minimates figures, which absolutely feel worthy of their awesome source material.  The central concept here– soldiers versus alien drones– lends itself perfectly to shared tooling and the uniform look between figures works perfectly for the Minimate aesthetic.  Each figure includes enough variant pieces and cool little surprises that the end result is a totally fun batch of figures.  I look forward to seeing where DST goes with this property next!

Thanks to DST for giving us the chance to review the latest Aliens Minimates.

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