The Amazing Spider-Man Gets Legendary

By bill - January 27, 2014

ASML-Movie-featHasbro’s Amazing Spider-Man Legends delivers a very cool new Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man Legends are hitting retail now in support of the new movie coming out this summer, and they feature lots of exciting new figures based on the new film as well as Spidey’s comic book universe.  Leading the pack are the two great new movie figures, Spider-Man and Electro.

The new movie style Spidey makes for a very good figure.  The all new sculpt is very solid, with an appropriately slim build and lots of articulation.  The figure has a great range of motion all over, from the deep wells of his hips which expand the range of his legs, to the new lateral shoulder hinges, which push his arms forward or back in a very organic way without distracting too much from the sculpt.  There has been some feedback that Spidey is too thin, especially in the torso, but I think he looks great, very much in line with Andrew Garfield’s build, and he features much more natural proportions than the first movie Spidey.

ASML Movie 34

Not only is this figure fun to pose, but his sculpt is loaded with detail, complete with etched web lines and a scaled texture that adds a sense of realism while staying movie accurate.  One of the most exciting aspects of the Amazing Spider-Man sequel is the new costume design, which is very classic… this means that the Spidey Legends figure can pull double duty as a movie accurate figure AND as a new comic style version of the web slinger.

But Spidey isn’t alone in the new movie-verse… Electro also makes his great Legends debut.  Modeled after the on screen look of Jamie Foxx’s villain, Electro is an eye catching figure, with a black armored costume offset nicely by the blue face, hands and wash on his shoulders.  The all new sculpt is brought to life by this great blue wash, as well as some subtle painted grey detailing which add dimension and highlights to what could have been a dull design.

ASML Movie 11

I don’t see Foxx’s likeness in the face of this figure, but it could be due to the semi-translucent blue plastic used here, but Electro makes for a great figure regardless.  The most exciting and fun part of this figure, though, are his alternate parts.  Electro includes a swappable second head, featuring crackles of energy emitting from his eyes, and a second set of gloved hands.  The pieces change in and out easily and allow lots of cool options for your figure, from neutral to battle ready.  It’s a great detail that I love to see included here.

Not to be left out, Spidey also features alternate hands.  The figure includes a pair of fists as well as “thwipp” hands, which interchange very easily.  We’ve been wishing for details like this, so we can customize and adjust our figures, and Hasbro has really delivered.  On top of the cool swappable parts, both figures also include pieces of the massive Ultimate Green Goblin Build A Figure, making these new Legends not only Amazing figures, but an Amazing value.

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Check back tomorrow as we continue our look at the comic book side of this awesome new series!

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