Andy Serkis Is The Narrator in The Force Awakens Trailer

By bill - December 1, 2014

star-wars-force-awakens-feaOne mystery solved, which begs the other, more obvious mystery… who does Andy Serkis play in this movie?

I am just now realizing I didn’t share any of my thoughts about the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer here on the site, so I’m going to rectify that over the next few days.  In short, I loved the trailer, and after pouring over it a few dozen times since Friday, I am feeling incrementally more confident in my excitement for the new sequel.

One of the few things that didn’t float my Star Destroyer was the voice over narration in the trailer, which wasn’t overly offensive but seemed less stylish than the bold, In medias res visuals.  The narration also sparked lots of debate, with fans guessing whether it was Andy Serkis, or maybe Adam Driver (who sounds nothing like this voice, BTW), or even Benedict Cumberbatch, who was rumored to be part of Episode VII years ago, but has since confirmed he won’t be involved.

Serkis seemed like the most obvious choice, and Good Morning America confirmed it today:

Now comes the fun part… we know what Serkis sounds like in the movie… so who does he play? Based on his words, I would guess a bad guy.  But if that’s true, we might be looking at a LOT of villains in this movie.  The early reports have suggested Driver, Gwendoline Christie, and Lupita Nyong’o are all playing bad guys, and now we’ve got Serkis as well (plus, I’m having trouble seeing Max Von Sydow playing a nice guy in the Star Wars universe).

Maybe Serkis will be mo-capping the big bad, the Sith-like cyborg villain in the movie?   Or maybe he’s mo-capping the Millenium Falcon… we just don’t know.  I gripe a lot about JJ Abrams’ penchant for mystery box theatrics when promoting his movies, but I have to admit, it’s actually getting kind of fun in regards to Star Wars.

The radio silence has been broken with a collection of images and words which have obviously been very, very calculated and planned.  It’s manipulative as hell, but I have to admit, the theatrics are also setting my synapses on fire world building Star Wars in ways I haven’t felt since playing with my Kenner figures after watching Return of the Jedi.

I think I officially drank the Kool Aid, you guys.

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