Ant-Man Gets an Amazingly Tiny Poster

By bill - January 6, 2015

ant-man-featI’m a BIG fan.

Marvel is continuing their super-small hype for this summer’s Ant-Man, with a great one sheet that they debuted on Facebook today.  It’s actually really damn funny, in my opinion.  I’d love to see this displayed alongside the floating headed, photoshopped posters adorning movie theaters as we approach the summer blockbuster season.

This poster was released today, probably not coincidentally before the movie’s first trailer makes its debut during Agent Carter tonight on ABC.  With all the behind the scenes drama that plagued Ant-Man thus far, I’m still not 100% confident in this movie… but I have to admit, Marvel is really winning me over with their fun teasers.10925463_1067985273228612_7213768669928878539_o

You should watch the trailer tonight, too, then we can all talk about it in on Facebook.


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