Ant-Man to Face Yellowjacket on the Big Screen?

By bill - June 23, 2014

ant-man-featThe latest rumors for the villain of Marvel’s Ant-Man movie have him fighting one of Hank Pym’s alter egos.

The latest rumors from the production of Ant-Man, courtesy of Jo Blo, suggest the villain of the film has been revealed– Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang will face Yellowjacket.  Of course, comic fans know Yellowjacket as one of the many alter egos of original Ant-Man Hank Pym (played by  while also creating a new threat for Michael Douglas in the movie)… but it appears as though this Yellowjacket won’t be Pym, who is intended as more of a benevolent mentor to Lang.

I think this is pretty cool.  Pym has had many super hero identities, so even if Marvel ever wanted to flash back or change his heroic identity, they still have options.  And the troubled super scientist did most of his evil, alcoholic, wife-beating shit while using the Yellowjacket mantle, so there’s a connection between this identity and villainy in the comics.

Plus, the black and gold Yellowjacket costume is cool as hell, and I can totally see it working out great on the big screen.  What do you think?  Is Marvel wrong to convert Yellowjacket into a villain?  Or is this a savvy way to give a nod to Pym’s variant alter ego while providing a super powered threat for Ant-Man to face?

Source: Jo Blo


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