ANT-MAN’s Yellowjacket Revealed!

By bill - April 10, 2015

yellowjacket-featSee the first on-screen image of the villain from Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man.

Marvel Studio’s reign of domination continues.  While you’d think Daredevil‘s debut on Netflix would be enough for one weekend, Marvel also released the Vision one sheet poster from Avengers: Age of Ultron, and now they’ve given EW the first screen shot featuring Corey Stoll’s Yellowjacket, the bad guy from this summer’s Ant-Man.

If you look close, you will notice Yellowjacket here is facing off against a teeny tiny Paul Rudd– this scene is apparently the first fight between the two super-suited foes– but don’t feel bad, because when Paul Rudd gets really tiny, his strength increases exponentially.  So he can probably handle a Corey Stoll a hundred times his size.  If not, there wouldn’t be much of a movie, right?

Of course, we’ve seen the Yellowjacket costume already– the villain has surfaced in a wide variety of merchandise and toys which have been floating on the internet since Toy Fair– but this is our first image of him from the actual film itself.

He still reminds me of Iron-Spider.  Like, a LOT.  I’m curious if that’s going to play into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now that Peter Parker is part of this universe?…



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