Aran Blocks Could Be A Collectors New Project

By kastor417 - November 8, 2016

aran-blocks-kastors-kornerHave you ever wanted to build your own desk? How about a stand for your laptop or monitor? Not really a Home Depot kind of guy? Well Aran Blocks might be for you. 

As a Lego builder and sitting in my mostly Ikea built home office, Aran Blocks caught my attention. My interest in the building products started with a press release and a YouTube video.

aran-blocks-kastors-korner-16The blocks are a lot of fun and the possibilities are endless. Ikea products don’t stand up to moves very well, and once you have them, well that is all you have. Aran Blocks however allow the owner to make anything at anytime. They are not as simple as LEGO bricks though, and that is why they make great office accessory and furniture tools. To make a desk or book case out of LEGOs you would need a ton of them, and way more than it would cost to just buy the object. Not to mention the fact that there would be glue or something to hold it together making the structure permanent. Aran Blocks assembly are much stronger, and can support a decent amount of weight. What is different and took a little time to work out on my own was how to build with them. Sure a simple stand or table is not too bad, but when you try to build something a little more original for your figures or a diorama, it takes some planning. One of the major issues with building is planning. You can’t just add a section or another level without planning it out, I learned the hard way and had to start over a few times. Once i got the hang of it it was fun trying to figure out how I was going to use them in my home office.

The computer stand was ok, but I wanted something more dynamic. I thought a multi-tiered display for figure would be fun, and once I put on my Muppets, well Animal and Kermit needed a stage. I am looking forward to building more with the Aran Blocks, and the challenge of coming up with unique builds for my collection. The possibilities are endless, for these and they are sure to pop up on our Instagram as part of our display and diorama pictures.

Thanks to Aran Blocks for the sample set of blocks. And make sure to check out their Kickstarter page too!

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